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Jazz For Prostate Cancer

Jazz for Prostate Cancer Awareness® was created to remember legendary NYC jazz trombonist James “Jimmy” Stowe, who at age 61 succumbed to prostate cancer after a five-year battle. He insisted that his brothers, Ralph, Phillip, and Wendell, be tested for the disease during his treatment. Eventually, all were diagnosed and underwent successful prostatectomies due to their early screenings.

Encouraged by his urologist, Dr. Isaac Kim Ph.D., MA, MBA, Ralph became an advocate for the education and early detection of this men’s health epidemic. Ultimately, it was the high regard for his brother James within the jazz community that musicians offered their musical talents, which compelled Ralph to launch the Jazz for Prostate Cancer Awareness® charity in his brother’s honor.

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For any talented jazz ensemble, the harmony of their collective melodies produces a more dynamic and impactful sound than one instrument simply playing alone. In keeping with that theme, Jazz4PCA © collaborates with musicians, restauranteurs, club owners, and major corporations to deliver a more harmonious impact on the communities we serve. These outstanding individuals and organizations have committed to further the vital mission of Jazz4PCA. Utilizing live jazz performances as a draw, these partners create a comfortable environment to enjoy great music and great food for a great cause.

I'm a prostate cancer survivor and a 'conqueror' because unawareness kills

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