Advocating for Prostate Cancer

“Advocate for men’s wellness by supplying accurate information about prostate cancer, providing access to free or low-cost screening while increasing exposure to live Jazz music”
— Jazz For Prostate Cancer Awareness Mission Statement

Jazz for Prostate Cancer Awareness™ (Jazz4PCA) is a registered 501(c)(3) organization focused in raising prostate cancer awareness while raising support for free cancer screenings. Utilizing the draw and appeal of live jazz music, Jazz4PCA’s mission is to advocate men’s wellness, with help from partnering services rendered from restaurants, music venues, notable musicians, professional healthcare practitioners, and other non-profit organizations.

James “Jimmy” Stowe

Jazz for Prostate Cancer Awareness™ was birthed in honor of NYC’s legendary jazz trombonist, James “Jimmy” Stowe, who succumbed to prostate cancer at the end of a five-year battle at age 61. During his treatment, each of his brothers Phillip, Ralph, and Wendell, have undergone a successful prostatectomy, precipitated by the benefits of an early cancer screening.

Dr. Isaac Kim

Encouraged by a renowned urologist, Dr. Isaac Kim Ph.D., MA, MBA, Ralph quickly became an advocate for the education and early detection of this men’s health epidemic. Conclusively, it was his brother James’ influence within the jazz community that impelled Ralph to launch the Jazz for Prostate Cancer Awareness™ charity in his honor


Fraternity Of Heroes ® is a brotherhood of cancer survivors willing to openly share their unique experiences in cancer survival and men’s wellness for the purpose to inspire, empower, educate, and save lives.

Our Mission is to share impelling testimonials of their survival/wellness journeys at events where panel discussions are had.

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We coordinate with local and national hospitals, clinics, health practitioners, doctors, and medical researchers in order to offer current education about prostate cancer. Often, we are able to host or participate in a community health fairs where we advocate for survivors while promoting open dialogue about this men’s health epidemic.

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Jazz for Prostate Cancer Awareness partners with great local restaurants, catering services, concert halls, and other venues to offer amazing food, live jazz music and entertainment! These local supper clubs are a fun and engaging way to raise money for support, and advocacy while educating our audiences and spreading awareness about a mens health epidemic.