Fraternity of Heroes

Fraternity Of Heroes® is a brotherhood of cancer survivors willing to openly share their unique experiences in cancer survival and men’s wellness for the purpose to inspire, empower, recruit, educate, and save lives.

Our Mission is to:

  1. Share impelling testimonials of their survival/wellness journeys at events where panel discussions are had
  2. Recruit other “heroes” into the fraternity

Here are the premier members of the Fraternity of Heroes® (FoH)

  • Ralph Stowe
  • Walter K. Simpson
  • Phillip Stowe
  • Duby Williams
  • Steve Green
  • Wayne Cobham
  • Reggie Pittman
  • William Pitts
  • Lonnie Cohen
  • William (Bill) Julian
  • Wendell Stowe
  • Wayne Cobham
  • Donald Wallace
  • Paul Blocker
  • Harry Garcia