Prostate Cancer

Since 2011, Jazz for Prostate Cancer Awareness™ (Jazz4PCA), as a registered 501(c)(3) organization, has faithfully remained focused on raising awareness of prostate cancer and the need for early diagnosis, while raising funding for free prostate cancer screenings for those men without health insurance. Leveraging the draw and appeal of live jazz music, Jazz4PCA fulfills its mission to advocate for men’s wellness utilizing successful partnerships with local restaurants and music venues, notable musicians, professional healthcare practitioners, and other non-profit organizations.

Jazz for Prostate Cancer Awareness™ has a proven track record of successful Jazz/Wellness events and Health Fair appearances within the NY/NJ Tristate area. Jazz4PCA is now preparing to skillfully implement the following strategies to provide assistance in saving more lives and effectively closing the “racial divide” described by the American Cancer Society:

“Prostate cancer is 2.4 times more deadly for black men than for white men.”

Jazz4PCA’s mission for raising prostate cancer awareness, with help from live jazz performances, has joined thousands of other advocates in encouraging men over 40, particularly African-Americans, to be screened as early as feasible. Jazz4PCA emphasizes the importance of screenings for the early detection of the usually asymptomatic early stage of prostate cancer. In the initial stage of the disease, cancerous tumors can be identified, localized and treated for a nearly 100% cancer-free prognosis. It is believed with continued aggressive advocacy, Jazz4PCA will decrease this ratio between black and white men.

“By the time Black Americans find out they have cancer, their cancer is at a later stage than for newly diagnosed white Americans. There are fewer treatment options for later-stage cancer.”

Dr. Isaac Kim (MD, PhD., MBA, Professor, Urology; Chair, Yale Urology; Chief, Urology), recently published his researched prognosis on prostate cancer incidences and their treatment, using a sample data set of 3,312 prostate cancer patients, provided by the following renowned medical institutions:

Of the 3,312 prostate cancer patients sampled, 2,763 (83%) of the data set were of Caucasian descent while the remaining 549 (17%) were of African-American descent. With such a large disparity between the two represented communities, a more balanced study may provide more information. Dr. Kim has posited that the collection of data from a larger set of African American men may provide information to suggest alternative treatment options, especially in regards to advanced stages of prostate cancer. “For all major cancers, black Americans are less likely than whites to survive five years after diagnosis — even when their cancers are diagnosed at the same stage.”

While some truth can be found in these statistics, Jazz4PCA agrees with Dr. Kim for the need of a more comprehensive data set of credible prostate cancer incidences, balanced with credible data from African American prostate cancer survivors. It is critical to provide an accurate analysis of trending data to improve the treatment of prostate cancer treatment as a whole and for the African-American community in particular.

Jazz4PCA is ready to assist in the extensive process of data collection from prostate cancer survivors as well as the general public while continuing to advocate for the need for early screenings.

Through live wellness events, participation at health fairs and other events, Jazz4PCA will collect initial data and will secure permission to speak with the subjects as needed in the future. The resulting research by Dr. Kim will hopefully provide insights to improve diagnosis and overall treatment outcomes.

Jazz For Prostate Cancer Awareness™ shall partner with community leaders, along with local healthcare professionals, to administer questionnaires during activities specifically designed for information gathering. This data collection campaign, purposed to gather credible community data for accountability, will also assist in reminding men, who may not have yet done so, to schedule their prostate cancer screenings. It will also provide the opportunity to contact those men who opt in, to receive feedback on their initial screening experience and check on their treatment status in the future. With continued follow up added to Jazz4PCA’s already established jazz-driven awareness platform, the organization will continue to be embraced as a trusted resource within the community.

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